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Re: PS Problems

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  • Subject: Re: PS Problems
  • From: Boss Man <BOSS at>
  • Date: Thu, 5 Nov 1992 17:21 PDT

Bob Singleton writes:

>I want to have Mma save some graphics as  post script (or even eps).
>When I use "Save as EPS" in the menu I get very bad quality for some
>reason. What I'm doing now is the following: copying the cell that
>contains the graphics into a separate notebook, then under the print
>menu I save the notebook as ps. This gives good quality, but the
>annoying feature is that it also places the notebook title at the top
>of the page.

>I just got a new book that seems to be pretty nice (Mathematica: A
>Practical Approach by Nancy Blachman -- you should check it out if
>you are rather new to Mma like myself) and it said I could use
>"Display" to write ps -- Display["",graphics]. However,
>the output "" is not quite ready for a printer yet.

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    #6           5-NOV-1992 00:53:53.88                                  NEWMAIL
>I need to process this file some how with "psfix". Do I do this
>from a shell? When I tried "psfix" the command was
>not found; however, "psfix" is in my man pages. Does anyone know
>what could be wrong here? Thanks.

>bob singleton

I assume by your address that you are on a next machine.  I have had trouble
cutting and pasting graphics on a Macintosh.  The trouble is that when you copy
a cell, the default for the graphics format is the bitmapped PICT.  You can 
change this after you select a cell by selecting "convert clipboard..."
under the edit menu.  A dialog box asks if you want PICT with postscript,
encapsulated postscript, and a few other options.  You can select the 
graphics format, and also make this the default setting from this
dialog box.  

I was cutting and pasting mma graphics into the draft of a paper using
Microsoft Word.  The graphics were taking forever to print and were of
poor quality.  Now that everything is in postscript the printing is 
faster and the quality is better.  The graphics still are not publication
quality however.  How about some improvement (WRI)?  Example: I can't
rotate the axis label on Plot3D graphics.

Ed Boss

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