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  • From: "R.C.McPhedran" <R.C.McPhedran at>
  • Date: Mon, 9 Nov 1992 11:24:17 GMT

I want to take numbers (x,y,fn.value(x,y)) generated by a
Fortran program and read them into Mathematica and generate
both surface plots and contour plots as a function of x and y,
not of array subscripts (as ListPlot3D and ListContourPlot would
give). I guess I have to use the standard Plot3D and ContourPlot.
If this is so, I need to use the Interpolation command to make
a 2D interpolating function which can be an argument (as shown in
the Mma book, Second edition, pp.676-677). However, I can't get
Interpolation to work with tables with data {x1,y1,f1}. The
description on page 813 of Mma.2 is too brief to be helpful.
Finally, I wonder whether anyone  knows how to combine
Plot3D results and contour plots in a natural way in Mma?
Some graphics packages permit a contour plot to be shown below
a 3D view, with the contour plot being rotated in the same
way as the 3D box.
I would appreciate any comments on how to solve my plotting and/or
interpolation problems.
Ross McPhedran (rcm at

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