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  • To: Mathmatica Mailing List <mathgroup at>
  • Subject: Input-Recall
  • From: Markus Ruppel <m.ruppel at>
  • Date: Fri, 20 Nov 92 21:18:14 GMT

I've been using MMA 2.1 on a RS6000/AIX system recently but could not get 
the recall mechanism (as under the Dos/Windows versions using the up/down
arrow keys) for previous input lines to work in normal shell sessions
(tcsh,csh,sh) and xterm-sessions. I'm not talking about %n, which doesn't
allow me to edit the line. Neither am I happy to use Edit[] or EditIn[] 
all the time for one/two-liners with a typo.

Is it possible to bind the recall of the previous input lines for
editing/resubmiting to a keystroke ? Or will I have to wait until the 
X-windows based notebook version comes out (when ?, BTW) ?

Thanks for any pointers,
Markus Ruppel

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