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Re: sequential joining of 3D points

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  • Subject: Re: sequential joining of 3D points
  • From: twj
  • Date: Wed, 7 Apr 93 08:23:17 CDT

David Louton writes:

>We are trying to use ListPlot3D to create a graphic of the data points in
>a list of dimension n*3.  So far we have been successful in plotting the
>individual points in a 3D box.  What we need to do is to sequentially join
>them from the first data point to the last in order to provide a visual
>representation of a strange attractor.
>Does anyone know of a command that can do this?

I think you want to use ScatterPlot3D which is defined in the standard
package Graphics`Graphics3D` and documented in the Guide to Standard

In[1]:= <<Graphics`Graphics3D`

In[2]:= data = Table[ {t Cos[t], t Sin[t], t}, {t,0,4Pi,Pi/20}];

In[3]:= ScatterPlot3D[ data, PlotJoined -> True ]

Out[3]= -Graphics3D-

Tom Wickham-Jones

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