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Re: the size of frames

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  • From: Jonathan Rich <rich at>
  • Date: Mon, 26 Apr 1993 10:46:23 -0500

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Subject: the size of frames
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Hi mathgroup,
I have a simple but very urgent problem:

I am making GraphicArrays of Framed plots, with FrameTicks and FrameLabels, 
and I NEED the frames to have all exactly the same size.

Now, Mma has a very sensible behavior that I would like to inhibit:
it scales each frame depending on the amount of stuff that is has to write
next to the axes, in such a way to preserve the AspectRatio.

For example a frame with y-values like 10000 will be smaller than one
with y-values like 10, because "10000" takes up more space than "10".
Similarly, the frame will get smaller if one adds a label.

Again, this is very sensible, but I really need to be able to tell Mma
to just make all the frames of the same size, which I will choose small enough
to leave room for labels.



Matteo Carandini
Center for Neural Science
New York University

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I would like to second this question since I too face the same problem.
An example follows:


I know what is happening, namely that Mathematica is filling the display area
which includes the space taken up by the axes tick numbers.  However this is
not the behavior I want, since it is much more important for me that the y-axes
line up vertically even if this means not utilizing all of the display area
for one of the plots.  How can this be enforced?  Thanks in advance.

P.S. On page 422 the book has the following example:

Show[bp,Frame->True,FrameLabel->{"label 1","label 2","label 3","label 4"}]

When I try this example, the output I see on my screen has all of the labels
displayed horizontally, but when I actually print it, it comes out as the book
shows it and as it should.  Is this a bug or is this something peculiar to my
setup?  Also the FontForm examples on pages 468 and 470 not only look different
on the screen but also look different, when printed, from what is shown in the
book?!  (The text in the book appears MUCH larger!)

pg468=Show[ Plot[Sin[Sin[x]],{x,0,Pi}], DefaultFont-> {"Times-Italic", 6},
    PlotLabel-> FontForm["The label", {"Helvetica-Bold", 12}]]
pg470=Show[Graphics[ Text[FontForm["Some text", {"Courier-Bold", 14}], {2,2}, {-1, 0}, {0, 1}]], Frame->True ]

To give some idea of my setup, I show the following which is printed when
Mathematica is invoked:

Mathematica 2.1 for HP 9000 RISC
Copyright 1988-92 Wolfram Research, Inc.
 -- Motif graphics initialized -- 

Jonathan Rich
rich at

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