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  • Subject: ISSAC'93
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  • Date: Tue, 27 Apr 93 14:05:40 +0300 (UKR)

Dear Sir/Madam,

Herewith I share the ISSAC'93  Advance  Program.  Please  make
your colleagues known of it.

I will be happy meeting you in Kiev in July. Sincerely yours,

Sergei Kolyada
ISSAC'93 Conference Secretary
                          ACM SIGSAM
              Glushkov Institute of Cybernetics



                  Advance Program and Registration

                        July 6-8, 1993
                        Kiev, Ukraine

                       Workshop, July 9

                   Sponsored by ACM SIGSAM

                      Program Committee

Gaston Gonnet (Chair)
John Abbott           Marc Gaetano           Dima Yu.Grigoryev
Susan Landau          Wolfgang Lassner       John McKay
Francois Morain       Tateaki Sasaki         Sabine Stifter
Anatol Slissenko      Robert Sutor           Felix Ulmer

                        Conference Officers

Alexander A.Letichevsky (Conference Chair)
Manuel Bronstein      Vladimir P.Gerdt       Gaston Gonnet
Julia V.Kapitonova    Sergei V.Kolyada       Vladimir S.Mikhalevich
Igor V.Velbitsky

                         Major Contributors

     International Software Technology Research Center,  Association
"Ukraine  and  World",  International  Institute for Problems of the
Asteroid Hazard, Litsoft Enterprise R&d

                    Addresses for Communication

Alexander Letichevsky
Glushkov Institute of Cybernetics, 40 Glushkov ave., Kiev 252207,
Ukraine, e-mail: at

Julia Kapitonova
Glushkov Institute of Cybernetics, 40 Glushkov ave., Kiev 252207,
Ukraine, e-mail: at

                          Advance Program

Tuesday morning, July 6

On Algebraic Solutions of First Order Riccatti Equation

A Rationality Result for Kovacic's Algorithm
M.van der Put & P.A.Hedriks

A Probabilistic Symbolic-Numerical Method for the Stability
Analyses of Difference Schemes for PDEs
V.G.Ganzha & E.V.Vorozhtsov

somputer Generation of Normalizing Transformation for Systems of
Nonlinear Ode

On d'Alembert Substitution

Finding All Hypergeometric Solutions of Linear Differential Equations
M.Petkovsek & B.Salvy

Integration algorithms giving expressions valid on domains of
maximum extent

Tuesday afternoon, July 6

Numeric Code Optimization in Computer Algebra Systems and Recurrent
Relations Technique

A Hybrid Method for High Precision Calculation of Polynomial Real
G.E.Collins & W.Krandick

Symbolic Evaluation in the Nonlinear Mechanical Systems
D.M.Klimov, V.M.Rudenko & V.V.Leonov

Parallelizing Programs with APS
A.B.Godlevsky & A.E.Doroshenko

Application of Computer Algebra to Investigation of the Relative
Iquilibria of a Satellite

Studies of Regular Precessions of a Symmetric Satellite by Means
of Computer Algebra
I.I.Shevchenko & A.G.Sokolsky

GRADIENT, Algorithmic Differentiation in Maple
M.B.Monagan & W.M.Neuenschwander

A Type System for Computer Algebra

Wednesday morning, July 7

The Regular Problem and Green Equivalences for Special Monoids

Decomposition of *-closed algebras in polynomial time

On the Assignment Complexity of Uniform Trees

Decision procedures for stratified set-theoretic syllogistics

A Generalization of the Binary GCD Algorithm

Deciding finiteness of matrix groups in deterministic polynomial time
R.Beals, L.Babai & D.Rockmore

An elementary algorithm for computing the composition factors of
a permutation group

Wednesday afternoon, July 7

Aspect Graphs of Algebraic Surfaces
M.F.Roy & T.Van Effelterre

A Zero Structure Theorem for Exponential Polynomials

On the greatest common divisor of polynomials which depend on a
S.A.Abramov & K.Yu.Kvashenko

Full Partial Fraction Decomposition of Rational Functions
M.Bronstein & B.Salvy

An upper bound on the number of monomials in the Sylvester resultant

Noether's S-transformation Symplifies Curve Singularities Rationally;
a local analysis

The 40 "generic" positions of a parallel robot

A Practical Method for the Sparse Resultant
I.Emiris & J.Canny

Thursday morning, July 8

Improved Parallel Computations with Toeplitz-Like and Hankel-Like
D.Bini & V.Pan

Efficient Algorithms for Hankel matrices over Z[x_1,...,x_r]
J.R.Sendra & J.Llovet

Computation of the Smith normal form of polynomial matrices

On Hensel construction of eigenvalues and eigenvectors of matrices
with polynomial entries
K.Yokoyama & T.Takeshima

An Algorithm for the Computation of Normal Forms and Invariant

Nested Expansions and Hardy Fields

A New Algorithm for Computing Asymptotic Series

Thursday afternoon, July 8

Differential Term Orders

Computing Groebner Bases in Monoid and Group Rings
K.Madlener & B.Reinert

Quantifier Elimination for Formulas Constrained by Quadratic

A dynamic Algorithm for Groebner basis computation

Automated Geometry Theorem Proving by Vector Calculation
S.C.Chou, X.S.Gao & J.Z.Zhang

Some Results on Theorem Proving In Geometry over Finite Fields
D.Lin & Z.Liu

Geometry Theorem Proving in Vector Spaces by Means of Groebner Bases

An Application of IRENA to systems of nonlinear equations arising
in equilibrium flows in networks
G.Keady & M.G.Richardson

                      INTERNATIONAL  WORKSHOP

July 9,  1993,  ISSAC'93  participants  will be welcomed to Glushkov
Institute of Cybernetics where International one-day Workshop on the
Computer  Algebra  Applications will be held as well as meeting with
researchers belonging to  this  institute  will  be  organized.  The
Workshop  is  organized  by  the  International  Institute  for  the
Problems of Asteroid Hazard (St.Petersburg) in contact with the  LOC
of  ISSAC'93  and  is  devoted  to the 70-th Birthday of Academician
V.M.Glushkov.  Participants of the Workshop will have an opportunity
to  discuss their presentations with specialists on Computer Algebra
taking part in ISSAC'93.  The workshop is open to the public with no
registration fee.

For further information on the workshop please contact:

Dr. Nickolay Vasiliev
Institute of Theoretical Astronomy
of the Russian Academy of Sciences
10 Nab.Kutuzova
191187 St.Petersburg, Russia
email: vasiliev at

                          Conference Sites

ISSAC'93 sites   are  Sport  and  Rus'International  Hotels  located
closely each other in the centre of Kiev City. Both these hotels are
new. ISSAC'93 will be arranged in Rus' International Congress Hall.

Sport Hotel   is   usually   used  to  accommodate  participants  of
international sport competitions.  There  are  one-bed  and  two-bed
rooms and restaurant in this hotel. Rus' International is located at
10-minutes-walking distance from the Sport.

The address of  Sport:  55,  Chervonoarmiyska  str.  (Respublikansky
Stadium Underground Station).

                       Software Demonstration

Software demonstration on workstations and personal  computers  will
be organized in Rus' International Congress Hall area in parallel to

                       Settlement in Ukraine

Regular payments  in  Ukraine  are  in  cash.  Ukraine  has  its own
currency - ukrainian karbovanets.  Additionally one can  pay  in  US
dollars  (preferably)  and  German  marks.  There  are numerous bank
offices to exchange money in the city.  Sport and Rus' International
have them too.

Credit cards usage is limited in Ukraine. Sport does not accept them
but Rus' International does.

                     Arrival by Plane and Train

Sport and  Rus'  International  are situated at 30-minute-journey by
car from Borispol International Airport. A taxi from the airport for
about   $10   is   the  quickest  way  to  reach  conference  sites.
Additionally,  Local Organizing Committee intend  to  meet  ISSAC'93
participants in Borispol Airport and to transport them to the hotels
by bus.

There is Central railway station in the centre of the City of  Kiev.
One  can get from there to the conference sites by taxi or by public
transport (tramway #35, 15 minutes).

                      Public Transport in Kiev

Many places of interest (sights,  museums,  theatres,  concert halls
etc.) are in a walking distance from the conference sites.  One  can
use  also rather efficient public transport network (the underground
system as well as tramway,  trolleybus  and  bus  lines  and  taxi).
Tickets  can be bought from driver or from yellow boxes at stops and
must be stamped while entering vehicle.


The climate   in   Kiev   is   moderated  continental.  The  average
temperature is +19C to +24C in July. Usually July is hot in Kiev.

                           Social Program

Social program  for  the  symposium  participants  and  accompanying
persons will be suggested including sightseeing,  classic  and  folk
music concerts, folk festival etc. It will be finalized depending on
the number of registrants.

                       Post-Conference Tours

Post-conference tours  to  Moscow  (organizer  Victor M.Rudenko,  e-
mail:  rudenko at  and  St.Petersburg   (organizer   Andrei
Gh.Sokolsky,  email:  sokolsky at  will  be  arranged for
interested persons with visiting leading research institutes.

                         Travel Information

Kiev is  the  capital  of  new independent state of Ukraine which is
located in the south-east of Europe. Kiev is the greatest political,
economical,  scientifical and cultural centre in this country. Total
population is more than 3 millions. There are Academy of Sciences of
Ukraine  -  a large research and educational organization (including
such  leading  research  institutes   as   Glushkov   Institute   of
Cybernetics,  Institute  for  Mathematics  etc.)  as  well  as  Kiev
Shevchenko State University,  Kiev Polytechnical Institute and other
high  school  establishments,  numerous theaters,  museums,  concert
halls and so on.

Kiev was founded more than 1500 years ago.  It was the centre of the
ancient   East  Slav  state  named  Kievan  Rus  (X-XII  centuries).
St.Sophia Cathedral (XI century) and Kiev-Petchersk Lavra (Monastery
of the Caves, XI century) and others are monuments of great cultural
interest and world level value.

                            Other Events

Reception and Banquet: a reception on Tuesday evening and banquet on
Thursday evening are included in your registration fee.

                             Entry Visa

Entry Visa  Information.  Normally  Ukrainian  Entry  Visa should be
taken from Ukrainian Embassy/Consulary located  in  the  country  of
ISSAC'93  participant  residence  if  one  have  the  invitation  to
ISSAC'93.  Ukraine is new independent state so in several  countries
Ukrainian  embassies/consularies are located temporarily in the same
buildings as Russian ones. Russian Entry Visa is invalid in Ukraine.
If there is no Ukrainian Embassy/Consulary in particular country the
entry visa can be arranged at Borispol International Airport for  72
hours  (the  price  equals  to  USD50)  and then be prolonged in the
Ministry for Foreign Affairs  if  need  be  (Glushkov  Institute  of
Cybernetics will help to do it).

               ISSAC'93 Participant Registration Form

Accompanying person(s)____________________________________
Street Address____________________________________________
City/State/Country/Zip code_______________________________
Please fill in your ACM or SIGSAM membership number
Date of arrival in Kiev___________________________________
date of departure from Kiev_______________________________
Accommodation information.
Sport Hotel. Prices in Sport Hotel (including breakfast):
single occupancy - $120 (apartments);
                 - $ 65 (ordinary);
double occupancy - $ 80 ($40 per person).
Meals (3 time a day) - + $20.
The payment  for accommodation in Sport may be included to the check
for registration fee.

Rus' International Hotel is 4-star comfortable one.  Prices  are  as
single occupancy - $177;
double occupancy - $177.
All prices include breakfast.  One can pay for accommodation in Rus'
in cash or using credit cards.

The registration fees for ISSAC'93 are as follows. To be early, your
registration application must be received by Friday,  June 4 (please
use e-mail to make organizers known of it, if possible).

                             early           late

    ACM, SIGSAM member       USD250          USD280
    Non member               USD280          USD300

Please send the check to the address

     Banque Saradar France, sa.
     49, Avenue George v75008 Paris, France
     Tel: (1)47230047
     Fax: (1)47239920
     Telex: JOSAR 649091 F - JOSAR 649093 F

     Favour: Mr.Igor Velbitsky
     A\C No.5781601703
     Reference: TECHNOSOFT

One would indicate a purpose of a payment in the check:

     The registration fee of FIRST-NAME LAST-NAME for
     participation in ISSAC'93

Please send the copy of the check at the fax in Kiev

(044)266 6394

pointing  attn: ISSAC'93 Organizing Committee.

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