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Differrence between version 2.03 and 2.1?

	What is the major difference between Mathematica version
2.03 and version 2.1? Both versions are installed on various 
locations on campus, but I can't see any major difference
even though their sizes are 3.4 Mb and 4.2 Mb respectively (on
the Mac version). What's the beef?

	While I have your attention, I wonder if you know an
easy way to turn the solutions of a Solve from a list of 
replacement rules to simply elements of a list. Suppose
Solve[x==f[x],{x}]={{x->a},{x->b},{x->c}}, I want the list
{a,b,c} instead. I have come up with a cumbersome way of
doing this which is
but I know there must be a better way.


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