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Re: ScatterPlot3D

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  • Subject: Re: ScatterPlot3D
  • From: twj
  • Date: Wed, 10 Mar 93 08:15:32 CST

Bob Love asks

>How do I control the scaling?  I want to exagerate the X axis and  

>shrink the Z axis.  I can divide the Z data by 10  but then the axis  

>is labeled for 0-180, not 0-1800.

If you want to control the shape of the bounding box in three-dimensional 

graphics you should use the BoxRatios option.  The default setting for
ScatterPlot3D is the same as for Graphics3D which is 

BoxRatios -> Automatic which means that the same scale is to be used in
x, y and z.   If you want your box to have a particular shape you should
set it as something like BoxRatios -> {1,1,1} which will give a cube
or BoxRatios -> {1,1,2} which will give a box which is square in the
x and y directions and a z-direction which is twice that of either
of the x or y directions.

Tom Wickham-Jones

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