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Re: matrices

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  • Subject: Re: matrices
  • From: Steven M. Christensen <stevec at>
  • Date: Tue, 30 Mar 93 16:45:17 EST

[With regard to multiplying matrics and scalars posted by
MathTensor does your problem very easily  - if you don't
mind indices.

Steve C.

Loading MathTensor for UNIX . . .

MathTensor (TM) 2.1.5 (UNIX (R)) (January 1, 1993)
by Leonard Parker and Steven M. Christensen
Copyright (c) 1991-1993 MathSolutions, Inc.
Runs with Mathematica (R) Versions 1.2, 2.0, and 2.1.
Licensed to machine sunny.
No unit system is chosen. If you want one,
you must edit the file called Conventions.m,
or enter a command to interactively set units.
Units: {}
Sign conventions: Rmsign = 1 Rcsign = 1
MetricgSign = 1 DetgSign = -1
TensorForm turned on,
ShowTime turned off,
MetricgFlag = True.

In[2]:= DefineTensor[A,"A",{{1,2},1}]

In[3]:= DefineTensor[B,"B",{{1,2},1}]

In[4]:= A[ua,lb] A[ub,lc] + A[ua,lb] (B[ub,lc] eps) + (B[ua,lb] eps) A[ub,lc] + (B[ua,lb] eps) (B[ub,lc] eps)

         a   b         b   a         a   b       2  a   b
Out[4]= A   A   + eps A   B   + eps A   B   + eps  B   B
          b   c         c   b         b   c          b   c

In[5]:= Collect[%,eps]

         a   b       2  a   b          b   a     a   b
Out[5]= A   A   + eps  B   B   + eps (A   B   + A   B  )
          b   c          b   c          c   b     b   c

In[6]:= Quit

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