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Re: functions that take a specified option

The "Names" operator (whose existence had escaped me until I saw Dan  
Wagner's posting) obviates the need for a package to solve the problem of  
locating commands that admit certain options or that have certain  
attributes.  I had thought of a package because the only way I knew to get  
my hands on what "Names" provides was so clumsy that I wanted to embed the  
result in the package.  The following does very nicely:

CurrentDefinitionList := Names[];

CommandList := Select[CurrentDefinitionList, 

                       (!StringMatchQ[#, "$*"])&];

FindOption[name_] := Block[{dummy},Select[CommandList,  

  (dummy = ToExpression[#]; 

       MemberQ[Options[dummy], name -> _]
           || MemberQ[Options[dummy], name :> _])&]];

FindAttribute[name_] := 


         MemberQ[Attributes[#], name]&];   

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