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Re: PolarPlot ???

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  • Subject: [mg805] Re: [mg751] PolarPlot ???
  • From: Anthony Rebello <arebello at>
  • Date: Fri, 21 Apr 1995 01:44:27 -0400

On 12 Apr 1995, Seth B. Lipschitz wrote:

> Can someone explain to me how I can plot vectors in polar coordinates 
> given the {r and theta} values?  Also, is there a way to attach another 
> vector to the end of the first vector that has a different {r and theta} 
> value?  Thank you very much.
> please respond via e-mail
> -seth
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>              "My Blood Runs Cold,  My MEMORY has just been sold!"
>               Seth B. Lipschitz      =======>  sbl9404 at         
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Hi Seth,
	There is a very useful package in the standard Wolfram packages 
called Graphics`Arrow`  

In[14]:= ?Arrow

Arrow[start, finish, (opts)] is a graphics primitive
   representing an arrow starting at start and ending at

So Show[Graphics[Arrow[{0,0},{r Cos[theta],r Sin[theta]}]]] will plot the 
vector, (r,theta) in polar coordinates and

Show[Graphics[Arrow[{r1 Cos[theta1],r1 Sin[theta1]},
	{r2 Cos[theta2],r2 Sin[theta2]}]]]

will plot the vector (r2,theta2) starting at the point (r1,theta1).

	-Anthony Rebello
	Knox College 
	Math Deparetment

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