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Euler Form

I am trying to leave an expression in a phasor (Euler's Form) format.
If my angle theta is a non-decimal number it remains in the form I 

In[1]: Exp[I 3]
Out[1]: Exp[I 3]

However, if my angle is a decimal approximation, Mathematica converts to 
a rectangular format:

In[2]:  Exp[I .3]
Out[2]:  0.955336 + 0.29552 I

I would like to have the output remain in phasor notation.  Can you help?
The specific problem I was working with was:

In[3]: Exp[I ArcTan[1/8]]

When I tried to numerical approximate the ArcTan[ ], Mathematica shifted 
to the rectangular format.  I have tried numerous techniques but to no 

Capt Paul Simonich
Dept of Mathematical Sciences
U.S. Air Force Academy

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