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Re: How to slow down plotting of curves?

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  • Subject: [mg964] Re: How to slow down plotting of curves?
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  • Date: Thu, 4 May 1995 04:04:17 -0400
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In article <3npp32$od2 at>,
   chen at (Richard Q. Chen) wrote:
->	I tried to follow the particle trajectories obtained
->by NDSolve visually in time. Unfortunately in this case the default
->Mma setting makes the plotting so fast that I don't have the time
->to follow the curve before the graphing is finished. The trajectory
->is very complicated (like tangled spagetti) so that it does not show
->much information by looking at the finished plot. I will gain much
->more understanding if I can visually follow the trajectory.
->	Is there a way to make Mma plot curves slowly?
->I tried to use Pause[n] function in Plot but that only slowed down
->the computation, not rendering of the curve.

I doubt you can slow down the output of the Postscript interpreter.  Two 
alternatives would be to (1) generate (and animate) a sequence of plots 
with the time horizon of the solution expanding, or (2) do a single plot 
but change the color of the curve as the time parameter increases.  If the 
plot is dense enough, the latter might be ineffective due to overwriting of 
earlier segments.


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