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Re: Troubles with Windows 95

In article <47994b$itv at> hickory at (Jan Mauersberger) writes:

>Mathew J. Binkley (binklmj5 at wrote:
>: Yesterday I installed Mathematica 2.2.4 for Students on my Windows 95 machine
>: (486SX-33 with 8 Megs).  I did the extra "Windows 95" installation bit in 
>: the manual (connecting MMLCL16.MLL to the Local Mathlink), but the front end
>: still didn't work.  So I FTP'd the same file from, and the front 
>: end still didn't work.  I then erased Mathematica, and reinstalled it.  
>: Nothing.  The Mathematica for Students was the 2.2.4 August 95 CD version.

>: Needless to say, I would be *very* thankful for any help.

>I have similar problems too.
>If i want to evaluate a cell the frontend locks the cell and nothing more 
>happens. Maybe there si something wrong with the link protocol?
>I tried the 32 bit version of the protocol but mathematica 
>ignored it.

>Any suggestions?

>Thanks in advance, Jan
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Go to mathsource and get 0207-840.  It is an updated .mll file with 
instructions for using MMA under Win95.  I haven't had a chance to try it 
but have been told this is the answer.

Chuck Wood
USAF Academy, CO
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"This content in no way reflects the opinions, standards, or policy
of the United States Air Force Academy or the United States

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