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Re: Re: Calculating Sums Of Roots For Trans. Functions

Allan Hayes gave an answer on the question "How do i calculate the  
first n roots of tan(z) = -z, and then sum them in one command?"
of Frank Stagnitti.

The answer was the program

Sum[ z/.FindRoot[Tan[z] == -z, {z,Pi/2 + n Pi + .02/(n+1)},
		MaxIterations ->50

Since tan(z) + z is not defined for pi/2 + n*Pi and the derivative of  
tan(z) + z  will become very large in z equal to the zero close to  
pi/2 + n*pi for greater values of n, it is better to rewrite the  
equation tan(z) = - z. 

Two suggestions:

Sum[ z/.FindRoot[Sin[z] == -z*Cos[z], {z,Pi/2 + n Pi}

Sum[ z/.FindRoot[z + n*Pi == ArcTan[-z], {z,Pi/2 + n Pi + .02/(n+1)},
		MaxIterations ->50

Frans Martens
The Netherlands

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