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Re: Interactive plotting in Mathematica?

In a message dated 96-12-27 12:24:24 EST, pecora at (Lou
Pecora) writes:

<< One of the downsides of plotting in Mathematica that I've found is that it
 is not interactive -- at least I've never found a way to do it.  I always
 have to do the _whole_ calculation (creating a big list or whatever), then
 do the plotting in a "post calculation" fashion.   >>

You might solve this by making use of user definable operators such as
\[CircleMinus] and \[CirclePlus] .   They can be used as infix operators.
Eg.   a + b adds b to a.
        a\[CirclePlus]b could add b to a and also plot the result.

David Carraher

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