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Wanted: a trick

Hello, Experts:

I'd like to ask you a very simple question.  I know it seems dumb, but 
please help me to have the answer to the question.

My problem is 

a = b =  Exp[1 + 1.234 k] (k is a variable).

I want to find t by dividing a by b such as 

                         0. k
t = a/b.  What I get is E.    How come the result is NOT '1' ?  In other 

words, why '0. k' is not calculated as '0'?  

Is there any way to make 0. k as 0?  

Also, in a simple symbolic calculation, 1.5 k - 1.5 k = '0. k' not '0.'  On 

the other hand, k - k = '0.'  Would you tell me what I need to do to get 

just '0' instead of '0. k'?

Thank you in advance.



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