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Help - Mathematica bombs out on loading <<Calculus`LaplaceTransform`


I've been having problems running Mathematica 3.0.1 on Win95.  I am
trying to load in <<Calculus`LaplaceTransform` near the end of my
notebook.  Executing MaxMemoryUsed just before this
<<Calculus`LaplaceTransform` statement yields <4MB.  I have 64MB RAM,
and am only running Win95.

When I try loading in this package, Mathematica complains of

Out of Memory.  Exiting.

This happens even if I give a 400MB disk swap space!  Sometimes, it even

Mathematica could not establish a connection to the kernel. Kernel:
Low-level MathLink error: The other side closed the link, you may still
get undelivered data.

Loading this near the end, or in the beginning of my notebook only seems
to affect when I get the error in my notebook, and not *if* I get this
error.  As well, my Win95 resource manager says that I still have >30%
memory left!

Has anyone else encountered this?  I've contacted Mathematica support,
but haven't found an answer yet.

I'd appreciate any and all help!

Many thanks in advance!

Michael Chang

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