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Display and Export of DensityGraphics

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  • Subject: [mg8718] Display and Export of DensityGraphics
  • From: "Gregory A. Garrett" <ggarrett at>
  • Date: Fri, 19 Sep 1997 02:47:59 -0400
  • Organization: University of Michigan
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I'm using Mathematica 3.0 on a PC platform to create groups of
DensityPlots that I would like to export to make animated GIFs and also
to display in GraphicsArrays.

The problem I have is that I inconsistently get "boarders" on random
sides of the plot.  By "boarders" I mean a row of pixels on one or more
edges of the plot that are a different color than the next row in.

I do not understand why this should happen when the PlotPoints->{x,y}
and ImageSize->{x,y} are integral multiples of each other and the
PlotRange also has the *exact* aspect ratio.

So far I have found that ...
(A) Exporting a graphics cell by Cut&Paste or RightClick/SaveAs/BMP
always gives these boarders. 
(B) After "wrapping" -DensityGraphics- in redundant Graphics[] and
restating PlotRange and ImageSize and AspectRatio I was able toget
Display[file,graphic,"GIF"] to consistantly save a file with no
"boarders".  But this could be a mis-statement in that I might have
instead correct a previous mistake and not noticed.
(C) Creating a 2-D GraphicsArray with GraphicsSpacing->0 gives me these
"boarders" or lines between the different DensityPlots, usually

These leaves me with two questions at this point...
(1) Is there some correction for the aspect ratio of a "Pixel" that I'm
(2) When I start exporting these DensityPlots to EPS files, am I going
to start finding suprises with the BoundingBox?

Tomorrow I plan I trying a bunch of Rectangle[{,},{,},-DensityGraphic-]
instead of a GraphicsArray.

Wish me luck.  Any comments would be appreciated.

For an example of what I'm talking about, the "flame" aminmation at the
Wolfam Research Web Page Graphics Gallery has a white "boarder" on the
left side I believe.

Gregory Garrett
Graduate Student Research Assistant
University of Michigan

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