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Using AlgebraicRules

I'm using Mathmatica's AlgebraicRules to define an extensive set of 
transformation rules and variables.  I'm then applying this set of rules to 
various expressions.  I then want to apply the same set of transformation 
rules to a different set of expressions at a later time.  Running 
AlgebraicRules[eqns, vars] to set up the transformation rules takes a lot of 
time because of the large number of transformation rules.  Right now I'm 
having to run AlgebraicRules every time I begin a Mathematica session.

Is there a way to either save the set of transformation rules so that I can 
apply them to new expressions later without rerunning AlgebraicRules or are 
there tricks to setting up AlgebraicRules so that it runs faster? 

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