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Re: Exporting Graphics

In article <6fsjoe$>, Justin M. Steadham wrote:
>Joel Bock <> wrote:
>>Dear MathGroup:
>>For all of its capability, I'm finding that something as fundamental as
>>exporting graphics for use in other applications (e.g., Word documents)
>>is really a pain. Is there any way to get true WYSIWYG plots saved to
>>disk that can subsequently be imported into a non-Mathematica document
>>without loss of resolution, bizarre resizings, mysterious font
>>substitutions, etc.? 
>// here p9 is a plot , 400 is the resolution.  
>the resulting gif is about 43kB.  I'm running a P233 with 60MB and
>loading even these small gif files into MS word 97 makes makes my
>machine hurt.  There is a way to have word use place holders and/or
>just show the filename but I can't remember how to do it. Nevertheless,
>the resolution darn good.

Seems like using EPS (encapsulated postscript) would be the most
straightforward way to import graphcs into Word (and many other
problems) with a minimum of hassle.  However, you may end up having to
generate a preview image of the EPS file to get the document to print
properly on a non-Postscript printer, which defeats the purpose!

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