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Re: Macintosh Mathematica Interface

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  • Subject: [mg11922] Re: Macintosh Mathematica Interface
  • From: (William M. MacDonald)
  • Date: Thu, 9 Apr 1998 00:33:24 -0400
  • Organization: Erol's Internet Services
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In article <6g280a$>, "D. Wright"
<> wrote:

> For many years I used Mathematica only on XWindows machines and I always
> interacted directly with the kernal (no notebook).  Graphics output was
> rendered by a (presumably eps) intrepreter in an XWindow that would pop
> up for each graphic.  I really liked this interface.
> Now I use Mathematica 3.0 on my Mac and the only way I can get graphic
> output is to use the ridiculously bloated notebook interface.  I am a
> firm believer in the philosophy that text editing should be left to
> Emacs, typesetting to TeX, and mathematics to Mathematica.  I find the
> notebook interface an annoying example of the Microsoft philosophy:
> "our  application should do EVERYTHING", as well as being slow.  Just
> imagine all the quirks and key commands you have to keep straight when
> every compiler, every email client, every typesetting engine, and now
> every mathematics program has its own WISIWYG editor.  Ugh!
> So... how to I get back my beloved XWindows-style behavior on my Mac? 
> Has anyone managed to set this up?  It seems to me not in principle
> impossible, since the graphics rendering on Mathematica for the Mac is
> already not being done by the notebook application directly, but by the
> psrender application running in the background.  Any ideas?
> Thanks,
>         David

   You can easily step back in time by just starting the kernel instead
of the front end.  If you look in the folder Mathematica 3.0
Files:Executables:PowerMac, you will see MathKernel.  Make an alias to
put on your desktop and click it instead of the Mathematica 3.0 alias
that appears in the folder Mathematica 3.0.  

   However, in response to your diatribe against what is the biggest
asset of Mathematica, the notebook interface, I must say that people
and products that can't go with the flow will sink with the flood.

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