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RE: Q: multiprecision question

Bin Wrote:
|I am new to the mathematica so my problem might be naive. I am now
doing |some research on the extrapolation from real axis to the complex
plane, |by using the analytic continuity property in complex variable.
However, |due to the finite precision of Fortran and other programs, the result
is not |very accurate. I heard that mathemaica can perform the
computation by |specify the precision. My question is: Is that possible
in mathematica? |How to do that? i.e. If I want, say 100 decimal, how
can I let |mathematica know that?

Suppose you want to compute Sin[3+I] with 100 correct digits. That's
Sin[3 + Capital i ]  where (Captital i)=Sqrt[-1]. Just do the

N[ Sin[3+I], 100]

87\948953192496817358504 I

Ted Ersek

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