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Re[2]: postscript file

    Thanks to all who replied and after talking to mathematica support
    here is a complete answer....

    The PostScript generated by Mathematica is actually an abbreviated
    form. In order for it to be usable in an outside program, some
    info must be attached to the file that defines some commands such as
    the ones that the PostScript rendering program is complaining about.
    There are programs and shell scripts for Unix (psfix) and Windows
    (rasterps.exe) that allow you to adapt these files automatically.

    The psfix shell script should be on your installation disks/cd but
    is intended primarily for Unix machines, which usually have the
    shell (sh) or its GNU workalike the Bourne Again Shell (bash).

    Under Windows, the job can be done with a DOS excutable called
    RASTERPS.EXE.  The executable is available free of charge from
    The download page has links to the executable as well as a brief
    text document which describes how the program works.
    An example of its usage is available on Technical Support FAQ pages:


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Subject: [mg12073] Re: [mg12019] postscript file Author:  Sean Ross
<> at NWM wrote: >
>     Hi mathgroup:
>     I'm saving a graph to a postscript file. When I go to view the this
>     file using ghostscript, acrobat distiller or pageview (postscript
>     interpretors) I get 'undefined command MathStartPicture'. Can anyone
>     assist?
>     Thanks,
>     Jas
>     PS. I'm using mathematica v2.2.3

Mathematicas' "Postscript" is not a portable or standard postscript.  I
have never been able to get any other program besides mathematica to
read its "postscript" either.
Remove the _nospam_ in the return address to respond.

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