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Re: Gauss seidel iteration

On Thu, Apr 23, 1998 10:32 PM, Jules Dahlberg <>
>Does anyone understand how to do Gauss Seidel Iteration?

gsv = Compile[{{x,_Real,1}},
		an = x/(x.x);n = Length[x];
		ian = x;
While[Max[Abs[ian-an]] >10^(-7),ian = an;
      Do[an[[i]] =

poz[0,0] := 1

poz[x_,y_] := x^y


I got this from a book on the APL programming language, but, I can't
find the book now. 

poz[i,j] is the ith,jth entry of the matrix and x is the known vector.
So, poz is a Vandermonde matrix. It zeroes in on the solution to poz.y
== x for y. Change poz to the matrix in question (with zero index

     Cliff Nelson

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