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Re: Problem with Eigenvalues[A]

In article <6hpf2v$>, "JNicolau"
<> wrote:

> I don't understand what is the problem with 
> A={{a,0},{0,b}};
> Eigenvalues[A];
> in the Mathematica 2.2 as I always have the message
> Eigenvectors::eival: Unable to find all roots of the characteristic
> polynomial.
> I don't have the same problem with the Mathematica 2.0. I'd appreciate
> if someone could tell me how I can solve this problem.
> thank you all
> Joco Nicolau

In Mathematica 2.2 I find,

In[1]:= A={{a,0},{0,b}}

Out[1]= {{a, 0}, {0, b}}

In[2]:= Eigenvalues[A]

Out[2]= {a, b}

With no error messages.


David Reiss
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