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Re: a probable bug

In article <6hpemu$>, "Michael Milirud"
<> wrote:

> I think I've found a bug in Mathematica! If I write:
> ;
> Nx
> with x as a subscript (using Ctrl+"-") and Nx an a new line after the
> ";" symbol,
> then when I try to delete the N using the Del key it messes up to
> something like "(; )"
> Can anyone tell me if that is supposed to have some meaning or if it's
> really a bug?
> Michael

What version of Mathematica and which operating system are you using?  I
do not see this behavior on either Mac OS 7.5.3 or Windows NT 4.0
(running Mathematica 3.01.1).  However there are problems with Mac OS 8
(an Apple bug) that wri has fixed with a patch.  See the following URL:

Hope that this helps.


David Reiss
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