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Re: Mathematica 3.0.1 / Win95 woes

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  • Subject: [mg12158] Re: Mathematica 3.0.1 / Win95 woes
  • From: Selwyn Hollis <>
  • Date: Mon, 27 Apr 1998 01:46:42 -0400
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So it seems that Mathematica 3.0 front-end bugs are not special to any
one platform.

I've just completed a 270-page calculus manual, created entirely with
the Macintosh version of Mathematica 3.0. If anyone reading this is
considering similar insanity, I would advise you to think again.
Otherwise be prepare to spend days upon days in page-break hell.

Let's all hope that WRI does the right thing and provides us all with a
free 3.1 upgrade/bug-fix.

These well-known bugs alone in the Mac version warrant a free upgrade:

+ evaluation delay when AppleTalk is on + page breaks are wrong unless
cell brackets are off
    (Try tweaking page breaks with cell brackets off. Big FUN!) + bad
bounding box when saving graphics as EPS

Cheers, and viva Mathematica and Macintosh!!

L. Dwynn Lafleur wrote:

> I seem to have much difficulty making Mathematica 3.0.1 behave correctly
> with the Windows 95 front end.  There are several of little annoyances,
> like the cursor disappearing on (random?) occasions.  Some standard
> Win95 keystrokes don't work, such as Shift-DownArrow, which should
> select (highlight) text down to the next line.  Interestingly,
> Mathematica has incorporated SOME of the Windows standard Shift-XXX
> selection mechanisms, e.g., Shift-End successfully selects to the end
> of the current line.
> But the big problem is importing graphics for use as illustrations in
> Mathematica notebooks, e.g., in text cells.  Under the topic
> "Import/Export Features (Windows)", the Mathematica 3.0.1 help files
> state the following :
> "Graphics which are formatted as bitmaps, metafiles, or Encapsulated
> PostScript can be opened by Mathematica via the Open item in the File
> menu. You may also have a graphic inserted at a particular location by
> copying and pasting the graphic from another application."
> I haven't performed a documented series of controlled experiments yet,
> but attempts to import BMP, WMF, and EPS graphic files have almost
> always failed.  I don't think I have ever been able to import an EPS
> file, and have only occasional and partial success with the other two
> formats.  The usual problem is that the graphic image does not appear
> in the notebook or, if it does, it prints out incorrectly, with the
> left portion of the printed figure chopped off regardless of the
> location of the graphic in the notebook cell.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Dr. Selwyn Hollis
Associate Professor of Mathematics
Armstrong Atlantic State University
Savannah, GA 31419 USA

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