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Re: Mathematica lock-up when comsuming Win95 system resources

In article <6qp1i2$af8 at> "Barthelet, Luc" <lucb at> writes:
>I suspect you are generating so much output that you are consuming the
>system resources just formatting the output to be returned to the front
>end. In general kernel operations can be aborted. Transfer of data
>between kernel and front end cannot be.
>Start your session with this code. it will catch those big outputs that
>can kill you.
>reallyBig[x_] := If[ByteCount[x] > 200000, "Too Large", x]; 
>  $Post = reallyBig;

In the next version, we have added code to the frontend so that you can
interrupt long expressions sent to the frontend.  The expressions still
needs to be transferred and disposed of which is not not instantaneous
for really large expressions, but it is much more responsive than
before. Your solution will still be a useful solution; it nips the
problem in the bud.

	Neil Soiffer
	Wolfram Research

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