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High precision expressions and functions

The recent thread "High precision numbers and Plot", and the article
"Bending Plot to Your Needs" by Stan Wagon in Education and Research
Volume 7 No 2, Spring 1998 stimulated some experiments which resulted
in the following code

PrecisionExpression::usage = "PrecisionExpression[expr, {x1,x2..}, p]
for symbols x1,x2  and positive integer p gives an expression PEexpr
which, with x1=r1, x2 = r2,.., evaluates with working precision p,
starting with, xi = If[InexactNumberQ[vi], SetPrecision[vi, p], vi].
PrecisionExpression[expr, x, p], for a symbol x evaluates like
PrecisionExpression[expr, {x}, p] "

PrecisionExpression[expr_, x_, p_] :=
  Function[x, #][##2] &[
    expr /. r_?InexactNumberQ :> SetPrecision[r, p],
              _?InexactNumberQ, SetPrecision[#, p],
              _?NumberQ, #
              ] &/@Flatten[{x}]

PrecisionFunction::usage = "PrecisionFunction[expr, {x1,x2..}, p] for
symbols x1,x2  and positive integer p gives a function FPexpr with
working precision p. PFexpr[v1,v2,..] becomes
PFexpr[If[InexactNumberQ[v1], SetPrecision[v1, p], vi] ,..].
PrecisionFunction[expr, x, p], for a symbol x evaluates like
PrecisionFunction[expr, {x}, p]. "

PrecisionFunction[expr_, x_, p_] :=
  Function[x, Function[x, #][##2]] &[
   expr /. r_?InexactNumberQ :> SetPrecision[r,p],
              _?InexactNumberQ, SetPrecision[#, p],
              _?NumberQ, #
              ] &/@Flatten[{x}]

PrecisionExpression is the more flexible, but usually gives a slightly
slower result.



f1 = Normal[Series[Cos[x], {x, 0, 200}]];

expr = PrecisionExpression[f1, {x}, 30];

Block[{x = 1.2}, Do[expr, {50}] // Timing]

    {6.26 Second, Null}

foo = PrecisionFunction[f1, {x}, 30];

Do[foo[1.2], {50}] // Timing

    {4.56 Second, Null}

(2) Applications

f2= Log[1. - Erf[x]] + x^2;

Plot[#[x], {x, 0, 8}] &[PrecisionFunction[f2, x, 30]]

Plot[Evaluate[PrecisionExpression[{f2, Sin[x]-1.5}, x, 30]], {x, 0, 8}]

Plot3D[Evaluate[PrecisionExpression[f2 Sin[y], {x,y}, 30]], {x, 0,

ContourPlot[Evaluate[PrecisionExpression[f2 Sin[y], {x,y}, 30]], {x, 0,

Note: compiling is not used (it would spoil the precision), but we might
take the precaution of setting Compiled -> False. The (brief)time used
for checking if compiling is possible would also be save.

------------------------------------------------------------- Allan
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Leicester UK
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