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MathGroup Archive 1998

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Re: [Q] Problem with combinatorica

Konopnicki David wrote:
>  ... I defined
> the following function:
> CG[n_,p_] :=
> While[True,
>        g := RandomGraph[n,p,Directed];
>       If[ConnectedQ[g,Directed], g; Break[]] ]

> However, it doesn't work and I don't know why.


You are not getting the value of g out. The following versions work:

CG[n_,p_] := 
       g := RandomGraph[n,p,Directed];
      If[ConnectedQ[g,Directed], g; Break[]] ];g) (*final g added*)

CG[n_,p_] := 
       g := RandomGraph[n,p,Directed];
      If[ConnectedQ[g,Directed], Throw[g] ]]]

CG[n_,p_] := 
FixedPoint[RandomGraph[n,p,Directed]&,1, SameTest -> (ConnectedQ[#2]&)]

Allan Hayes
Training and Consulting
Leicester, UK
voice: +44 (0)116 271 4198
fax: +44 (0)116 271 8642

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