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Re: Lists and Plus

You must first unprotect Plus before you can get rid of the Listable
attribute, which is what is causing your problem. THi sis how you do
it: Unprotect[Plus]

In article <6ahpql$>, Lemm@Stud-Mailer.Uni-Marburg.DE
(Thomas Lemm) wrote:

> I intend to implement routines for basic operator algebra as found in
> second quatisation. As my operators commute only under certain
> circumstances I want to put them into lists. But by default Plus and
> other operations are simplified into the lists:
> { a, b, d, g } + 1 evaluates to
> { a+1, b+1, d+1, g+1 }
> which is - in my case - not appropriate. Please give some advice about
> how to handle this problem. I already tried to clear Operator Plus but
> did not succeed. If you can think of another way to takle the operator
> algebra problem, don't hesitate to give advice, too.
> Thomas Lemm
ANdrzej Kozlowski

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