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Re: Getting a bitmap to display with the proper dimensions

>If I have a RasterArray an I want to display it such as to get a one to
>one mapping of my elements to the pixels in the notebook.
>here is an example that works:
>  AspectRatio->Automatic,ImageSize->{40+3,50+9}]
>as you see I had to add 3 and 9. those numbers are working for 40 and 50
>as the dimensions. in practice I have to do trial and error to figure
>what they need to be.It changes with a lot of options.For example add
>Axes->True and try to get a one to one mapping again.
>Is there an option or a formula that could make this an easier process?

I had exactly the same problem. After some correspondence with Wolfram,
they acknowledged the existence of a problem, but, in their words:
"Unfortunately, I can offer no workarounds in Mathematica for this

I will send you copies of the relevant correspondence.

Andrew B. Watson
MS 262-2
NASA Ames Research Center
Moffett Field, CA 94035-1000
(650) 604-5419	(650) 604-0255 fax
abwatson at

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