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nlim error message using an NIntegrate function in Plot[]

Can someone explain why i get 'nlim' error using the following function
in a Plot command. I guess its an Evaluate order problem but i can't
see where to place the Hold(First/All)

\!\(\(\nF[a_, n_Integer]\  := \ \n
    Module[{x}, \ \n\t\t
        \(1\/\(\(2\^\(n/2\)\) Gamma[n/2]\)\) x\^\(n/2 - 1\)\ \ 
          Exp[\(-\(x\/2\)\)], \ {x, 0, a}]\ \n\t\t]\)\)

<< Graphics`Legend`

Plot[ { 
		F[N[2T/MTBF],6]}, {T,0,400},
    PlotStyle ->
        {GrayLevel[0], Dashing[{.03}], Dashing[{.01}]},
    PlotLegend -> {"k=0", "k=2","k=3" },
	  LegendPosition -> {.8, -.7},
    LegendTextSpace -> .9,
	    LegendLabelSpace -> .5,
    LegendLabel -> "DOF"]

Is there a way of making the legend better shaped too?

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