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Re: Q: Graphics3D

On Mon, 20 Jul 1998, P.J. Hinton wrote:

> using the following functions 
> -------------------------------------------------
> Needs["Graphics`Shapes`"];
> SetOptions[Graphics3D,LightSources->{}];
> a=Graphics3D[TranslateShape[Sphere[],{+1,0,0}],
>              AmbientLight->RGBColor[1,0,0]];
> b=Graphics3D[TranslateShape[Sphere[],{-1,0,0}],
>              AmbientLight->RGBColor[0,1,0]];
> Show[{a,b}];
> -------------------------------------------------
> Mathematica shows two red spheres.
> (1) Why I don't get a red and green one?
> (2) How to obtain a red and green one (with Lightning->True)?





For more information, see _The Mathematica Book_ (Third Edition),
Section 2.9.12.  If you have access to the online documentation via the
Help Browser, you can evaluate the following command in a notebook to
open the Help Browser to the appropriate section.

    "MainBook", {"2.9.12", "12.10"}]]

P.J. Hinton
Mathematica Programming Group           paulh at Wolfram
Research, Inc.        
Disclaimer: Opinions expressed herein are those of the author alone.

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