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Re: Absolute coordinates in Mathematica

Jacek Pliszka wrote:
> Hi!
> How to put some text in the lower left corner of the plot? I cannot make
> it with a plot coordinates since they change every time.
> It is so easy in PAW or gnuplot but here I spent over an hour on
> browsing Wolfram pages and reading the mathbook.
> Thanks in advance,
> Jacek Pliszka
> Tmp: pliszka at  Perm: pliszka at

1. Check out the add-on package Legend. 2. Make a function which takes
as input the plot dimensions.  The function then makes the plot and
calls the Text graphics primitive using the plot coordinates you input.

3.  Mathematica is a programming language, not a program.  It is grossly
unfair and counterproductive to compare mathematica to a special
purpose graphing program like gnuplot or Axum etc.  Instead of looking
for built-in ways to do something, write a little program yourself.

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