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FullSimplify trick


I just like to show this stange behaviour of FullSimplify on Win95 
(Mathematica 3.0).

FullSimplify[Cos[q3+qp1+qp3]-I Sin[q3+qp1+qp3]] Out[1]=
Cos[q3+qp1+qp3]-I Sin[q3+qp1+qp3]

FullSimplify[TrigToExp[Cos[q3+qp1+qp3]-I Sin[q3+qp1+qp3]]] Out[2]=
E^((-I)*(q3 + qp1 + qp3))

Ofcourse,  simplification is in some sence an art, but stil one  wishes
better performance. Also I have noticed that sometimes 
Fullsimplification gives much more better rezults when ExpToTrig  is
applied before.
                                      Arturas Acus
Institute of Theoretical
Physics and Astronomy
Gostauto 12, 2600,Vilnius

E-mail: acus at
   Fax: 370-2-225361
   Tel: 370-2-612906

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