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Multiplication or separate expressions when evaluating lines in a cell?

When I evaluate an expression like the following, Mathematica multiplies
the three results together to produce one numerical answer --
7.55312899932103487`*^20 in this case.  Note: the following three lines
are all in _one_ cell.

(* 1st word *)  N[(2*Pi/1*^-6)*1.40] (* 2nd word *) 
N[(2*Pi/1*^-6)*1.45] (* 3rd word *)  N[(2*Pi/1*^-6)*1.50]

When I place each comment after its expression like this

 N[(2*Pi/1*^-6)*1.40] (* 1st word *) 
 N[(2*Pi/1*^-6)*1.45] (* 2nd word *) 
 N[(2*Pi/1*^-6)*1.50] (* 3rd word *) 

then evaluation of the cell returns the three results I expect.  Of
course (?), if I place each expression in its own cell, then each
expression is evaluated correctly.

I was surprised when the three (what I thought were separate) lines were
evaluated as a product because, when I evaluated them in a different
notebook during a previous session, they were evaluated normally -- as
three separate expressions.  

I am running ver 3.0 for Win 95.

I have been changing the Prining Style Environment in my notebooks some
(in a feeble attempt to see how my notebook will printout before
actually printing it).  

There is nothing unusual in the cells before the cell I'm trying to
evaluate (properly?) -- just some text cells and an input cell with
some function definitions.

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