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Re: Damaged Mathematica Systems Files, and Deleting Mathematica Caches?

On 12 Nov 1998, AES wrote:

> Running Mathematica 3.0 on a Power Mac  8600 OS 8.1, I occasionally get
> messages during operation saying that the file
> "", buried deep in Mathematica:System
> Files:Front End:Text Resources:, "could not be opened".  Operation then
> continues OK.
> I suppose that I could reinstall this one file, but I note that it (and
> a lot of other Mathematica files) seem to be duplicated as .pbf in
> "Cache" folders inside the main Mathematica folder.   Are these Cache
> files critical?  Could they be corrupt?  Could deleting the Cache files
> (a) free up any HD space, (b) force them to be regenerated?

The Caches folder of which you speak, which has a path of:

ToFileName[{$PreferencesDirectory, "FrontEnd"}]

may be deleted manually without any harm to Mathematica.  The files are
regenerated the next time you launch the front end.

Holding down the Shift and Option keys while the Macintosh front end
loads will result in the front end rebuilding both the Caches folder
and the front end init.m file, which sits at the same directory level.

P.J. Hinton
Mathematica Programming Group           paulh at Wolfram
Research, Inc.        
Disclaimer: Opinions expressed herein are those of the author alone.

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