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Re: Damaged Mathematic Systems Files, and Deleting Mathematica Caches?

In article <72e2gv$ohi at>, siegman at (AES)

> Running Mathematica 3.0 on a Power Mac  8600 OS 8.1, I occasionally get
> messages during operation saying that the file
> "", buried deep in Mathematica:System
> Files:Front End:Text Resources:, "could not be opened".  Operation then
> continues OK.
> I suppose that I could reinstall this one file, but I note that it (and
> a lot of other Mathematica files) seem to be duplicated as .pbf in
> "Cache" folders inside the main Mathematica folder.   Are these Cache
> files critical?  Could they be corrupt?  Could deleting the Cache files
> (a) free up any HD space, (b) force them to be regenerated?

This happens to me at some point in essentially every session on my
powerbook 1400 running version 3.0.1.  I have meant to query WRI
support on this for a while.  As in your case, there  never seems to be
any associated follow-on problems to this  message (it appears in a
dialog box, not in the messages output). Would a knowledgeable person
at WRI like to comment on this?



David Reiss
dreissBLOOP at
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