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Re: Display-Function and FilledPlot



Peter Breitfeld wrote in message <72bes0$k33 at>... If I start
a Mathematica-session (Mathematica 3.0 on Linux) and enter the

In[1]=<< Graphics`FilledPlot`

Display return the following error-message: Graphics::"optx": "Unknown
option AxesFront in

I have to Abort the command then, because it doesn't stop running.

I know that FilledPlot provides the new option AxesFront.

Exporting the picture with Edit/SaveSelectionAs/EPS works, but I prefere
Display over the Edit way, because Display creates smaller epsfiles (in
this example Display makes a size of 2964 byte and exporting via the
Edit-menu gives 14388 Bytes)

is this a known problem?

es gruesst

  P e t e r  B r e i t f e l d              eMail: phbrf at
  Kreuzgasse 4, 88348 Saulgau, Germany      PGP public key: 08548045

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