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Re: Strange results

With several instructions are in a single cell, sometimes Mathematica
assumes a multiply between one line and the next.  This can cause wired
results or unexpected errors.  A ; at the end of a line always forces a
break -- However, does not echo output. If this is undersireable, try
surounding the line  with ( ).  This always fixes a problem with some
typeset intergrals getting confused with the next line - and retained
the output.

I asked WR if there was a break that still produces output like a
special form of ; - They said no.

I would vote that this should get into a newer release.


Laurence Lours wrote:
> Dear Mathgroup,
> I have different results when I use one cell with a lot of instructions
> in it,  rather than dividing the cell to have unique instructions in
> each. The good  results are calculated when I use the second solution.
> Did somebody have the  same problem?
> I am using Mathematica 3.02 on SPARC
> Laurence Lours
> lours at

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