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Re: getting rid of TraditionalForm

Henrik Weimer [henrik at] wrote:

> A while back I changed the default cell type for inline expressions to
> TraditionalForm. Now, I regret that choice and would like to convert all
> inline expressions in a lot of text that I typed in the meantime to
> StandardForm.
> I figured that I can do this automatically - most of the time.
> In mathematica I use the following:
> n = << "notebook.nb"
> nn = n/.{FormBox[a_,TraditionalForm]->a}
> nn >> "convertedNotebook.nb"
> The problem is that this only works on some but not all notebook. In
> particular, for some of the notebooks this seems to screw up the file
> syntax and the front end gets stuck reading the converted notebook.
> Does anybody out there know a reliable and simple way to get rid of the
> TraditionalForm stuff for all inline expression cells in a notebook?
> Alternatively, how can the hack above be fixed so it works?

Perhaps you might try changing the settings in Format|Option Inspector|Cell
Options|New Cell Defaults|CommonDefaultFormatType|InputInline for each of
your notebooks.

Tomas Garza
Mexico City

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