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Re: Surfacecoloring of a sphere

Florian Stock wrote:
> Hello,
> for visualization of an Satellite, i want to color the surface of a
> sphere (for the colors I have a function color[long,att] with long and
> att in a  range from 0 to 2 Pi).
> How can i coloring the sphere?
> I've tried with SphericalPlot3D and the ColorFunction option, with
> ParametricPlot3D, but I didn't found a way to color it.
> Greetings
> Florian
> --
> "Alles was von Bedeutung ist, ist in Mathematik gegruendet.",
>  Robert A. Heinlein`s "Sternenkrieger"

I guess either long or att goes from 0 to Pi only.

With SphericalPlot3D you can choose a color (or more general any list of
graphics directives) this way:



With ParametricPlot3D it was:


Hope that helps

Martin Kraus

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