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Re: Graphics`Legend` problem

I found the problem, or rather, just cured it. For some reason, after exiting
out of Mathematica completely and getting back in, the same notebook worked. I
must have defined some command earlier that was bothering the legend package.
Anyway, it works now.

Doug Webb wrote:

> Hello,
>   I can't seem to get the Legend[] commands to work. I tried the example
> right out of the standard add on packages book, in fact, I even cut and
> pasted the example from the help page so there shouldn't be any typos.
> The example was of the format:: "Plot[{Sin[......}, {x, 0, Pi},
> {LegendStyle->........}]" type of example (typed it from memory, may
> have syntax errors above...). But when I execute it, Mathematica errors with
> "unknown option LegendStyle" or something similar. What am I doing
> wrong? I included the Needs["Graphics`Legend`"] command, which works
> just fine... Anyone else had this behavior? Thanks for any hints.
>           Doug
>           D_Webb at
>           Douglas.S.Webb at

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