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Re: Re: easiest way to sort a list?

Both methods suggested by ARNOLDK [arnoldk at]work fine.
However, the use of ReplaceRepeated takes an inordinate amount of time. Any
idea why?

myNumbers = Table[Random[Integer, {1, 99}], {500}];

myNumbers //. {a___, b_, c___, b_, d___} -> {a, b, c, d}; // Timing

{46.52 Second, Null}

union2[l_] :=
  Fold[Flatten[If[! MemberQ[#1, #2], Append[#1, #2], #1]] &, {}, l]

union2[myNumbers]; // Timing

{0.06 Second, Null}

Tomas Garza
Mexico City

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