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Re: New user question

Check out


0.6786044041487268 +  1.1753773062255988*I

Mathematica doesn't know how to plot a complex number with Plot, only reals. Try

Plot[{Re[x^(1/3)],Im[x^1/3]},{x,-5,5}] ;


Kevin J. McCann
Johns Hopkins University APL
Johns Hopkins Road
Laurel MD 20723-6099

Thomas Moriarty <moriarty at> wrote in message
news:7uefh0$277 at
> I have just begun to use/learn Mathematica.  One of the first things I
> tried was to Plot[x^(1/3),{x,-5,5}] and got error messages indicating that
> the negatives^(1/3) were not machine level real numbers (or close to
> that) - the positive side displayed ok.
> What am I doing wrong?
> Thanks

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