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Re: F[f_,x_]:=f[x] ?

Patrick McLean wrote:

> What is the name of the in-built Mathematica function that plays the role
> of F in te following:
> F[f_,x_]:=f[x].
> For example,
> Outer[F,{f,g},{x,y}]
> will give:
> {{f[x],f[y]},{g[x],g[y]}}.

Although f at x is the prefix form of f[x] you cannot use it here. Two ideas:

[1] Use a pure function instead of F:

Outer[#1[#2] & , {f, g}, {x, y}]

[2] Use Thread and Through:

Thread /@ Through[{f, g}[{x, y}]]


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