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Re: Limit problem from analysis

Here's a different hint: try exponentiating. Alan

world at wrote:
> I am teaching myself analysis, and I'm stuck on a particular problem.
> The problem is to prove that the limit as n goes to infinity of n to
> the (1/n) power is 1.  The only allowed tools are those of the first
> few chapters of a basic analysis textbook.  The hint given in the book
> is to use the binomial theorem.
> You can find the work I've done at
> There are two documents there, one a Mathematica notebook and the
> other an MS Word document.   Any suggestions for how to proceed, or
> even outright solutions, would be welcome.
> I am not taking any classes, and you will not be helping me with a
> test or homework.
> Steve Oppenheimer
> writer at

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