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Re: , sending notebook attatchments, -- a partial solution...

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  • Subject: [mg23620] Re: [mg23568], sending notebook attatchments, -- a partial solution...
  • From: "Mark Harder" <harderm at>
  • Date: Wed, 24 May 2000 02:16:21 -0400 (EDT)
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  Thank you, everyone, for your considerations.  Jaqueline Zizi's 
observations about file naming conventions in attatchments prompted me 
to send myself an empty notebook attatchment with the 8-character 
prefix: "nullatt1.nb" & this worked!! Trying to test the limits to OE, I 
sent "nullatt01.nb", and that worked too. So, the name need not be 
strictly a dos name, but the filename "nonlinattatch.nb" that started 
this whole tempest clearly did not go.
    Further evidence that filenames can be a problem is my system's 
failure to associate any of the names that I sent myself with 
Mathematica : i.e. when I sent myself a null file successfully, then 
double clicked on the icon still in the mail display, I get to choose to 
open it or save it.  Choosing to open the file leads to an error msg. to 
the effect that no program is associated with such a file (".nb" 
extension!!!), although Mathematica4.0 is listed in the system's file 
association database for the .nb extension. I dragged the notebook icon 
to my desktop, and from there I was able to oopen Mathematica & display 
the empty notebook.  I also sent the Excel97 workbook "WY_W&Y.xls" to 
myself, and could open it by double-clicking on its icon from the email 
window (no transfer to the desktop required).  Maybe 3-letter extensions 
are important?, or uSoft files work better than others? When I find the 
time, I may send my observations to the wizards at "Bill World" & see 
what they think.
    Again, I am using WindowsNT 4.0, Mathematica4.0.1, and 
OutlookExpress 4.72 in InternetExplorer 4.0.
    I would advise anyone using such a system who has trouble mailing 
their notebooks as attatchments to try renaming the file to something 
short and DOS-like.  Of course, I could find no mention of any naming 
convention restrictions in the Help database for OutlookExpress!

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